What Not TO Do When Producing Your Own Video

YouTube is the number two search engine and video gets a higher SEO ranking than other content. Wonder why? Well, Google OWNS it! Nevertheless, video brings your personality to life- right in front of your prospects. Your competitors are on YouTube- so you should be as well. There are too many good reasons to create a video and broadcast it to nearly two billion daily online viewers… and more than a few reasons NOT.

Here are 4 things NOT TO DO when producing your video(s):

1. DO NOT come unprepared

There is more to producing a video than you think. Do you have a script, have you rehearsed, are you dressed properly, do you have props/images/slides you want included, and what about music?

Think about all these things BEFORE you press RECORD – because lack of preparation shows!

2. DO NOT make your first impression- your LAST impression!

You have seven seconds to capture a viewer – I’ve recently heard the magic number is “8” – do not waste it. Video viewers can turn you off with a click of their mouse the second you lose their attention and most people take too long to get to the good stuff.

Grab viewers at the outset with compelling content with an engaging, professional delivery. Remember, the average YouTube video is 2.23 minutes in length. I don’t know about you, but I rarely watch even the most popular videos in their entirety. Give them something to hold their attention or your audience will be long gone before you know it!

Newspapers got one thing right- don’t bury your lead…

3. Don’t be a “one-hit wonder”:

NEW content is king. Data from TubeMogul shows the average half-life of a YouTube video is six days – your video gets half its views the first six days after posting. After twenty days, your video has seen 75% of its total views. Do not rely on a single video to carry your message indefinitely. Be consistent in your plan and keep posting new content. Put new video online at least every month- preferably every week. Shooting more than one piece in a session is the key to building content in an easy manner, and working with a professional to help you create fresh content, and make sure you deliver it at your best, will keep your message fresh and current.

4. DO NOT forget to share your USP

People can watch crazy cats, and toddlers hitting Dad in the jewels all day long- but if YOU don’t have something different to say, or a different way to say it, no one will notice. What makes your message unique – your USP – unique selling proposition. What would compel you to watch a video about your business, product or service? Check out hot topics in your industry’s social networking discussion groups and emailed newsletters. Ask your contacts to submit guest information or testimonials. What can you do to make yourself stand apart from your competitors?

It is tempting to just “throw something together,” but remember video is forever – almost. Don’t become a YouTube casualty! If you want it “bad”, you will get it “bad”- and bad does not mean good in this case!

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