Why Using Video In Your Blog Is A Good Idea

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a constantly moving picture with words embedded into the audio worth?

Video is an underused and very powerful tactic and tool for your blog, but most people don’t think about it or really give it any consideration when they’re setting up their site, and that makes little puppies cry.

If you’ve considered and dismissed video for your blog, you more than likely said one or more of the following:

  • I get too nervous on camera
  • I don’t have the right equipment
  • I’m a writer, not an actor
  • I don’t know anything about film editing or embed codes
  • That’s just too much extra work

There are a ton of benefits to throwing video into your blogging mix and I want to open your eyes and tune you in to a few of them today.

5 Ways Video Won’t Kill The Blog Radio Star

1) Videos Set You Apart – Next time you’re on the Internet, look around, I bet you won’t find just an outpouring of bloggers regularly using video in their posts. You’ll mostly see animated GIFs or embedded YouTube videos (which are okay, but not what we’re talking about today). Setting up a blog and starting to write the crap that’s in your head is easy, that’s why there are millions upon millions of active blogs online right now, but taking the time to craft a good video takes more effort. By deciding to make that effort, you’re making yourself a bit more visible, which is the whole point, after all.

2) Lots Of Eyeballs Like Video – It’s not an accident that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. With over 4 billion video being served daily, YouTube makes a mockery out of anyone that says video isn’t a powerful medium online. Video is easy to watch and doesn’t require the time it takes to read an article over the same topic. By sticking to your editorial calendar and personality, infusing video into your site will enrich old readers to your content and introduce new viewers into your community.

3) We Like You – If you have regular readers for your blog, it’s a good bet they like you and what you have to say. It’s only natural for them to want to get to know you a bit better and there are fewer, more personal ways to do that than introducing videos into your posts. By letting people see, hear and experience you and your content, you’re opening doors that have previously been closed. Just think of how much more passionate Gary Vaynerchuck comes off in his videos, when in his posts he could easily sound like an overbearing dick if you hadn’t seen him speak previously. Introducing video gives you the opportunity to connect on a more personal level with your audience.

4) Outreach Potential – Videos are neat to post in blogs, but their life can reach so much farther. Not only could you create a channel on YouTube or Vimeo to house ALL your videos, search engines also love them (especially when housed on YouTube *cough* Google *cough*), so by simply adding that one kind of content, you’ve opened up your content distribution channels in a multitude of ways. Just keep them under 2 minutes long. If you have more to say, break them into chapters – and post them as separate videos…

5) People Learn More – Last time I looked, it’s recorded that almost half of the population consists of visual learners, people who learn and retain information more easily when shown it in a visual manner. You can more than likely extrapolate similar numbers for your audience. So, if 65% of your audience learns and retains information more easily through video, why wouldn’t you be offering that to them? You want to be a knowledge leader, right?

So there you have it, some pretty compelling reasons to add some video into your post types.

Do you like blogs with videos? Have you even seen one? Have you tried it out before? What was your experience?



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